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Releiving  constipation
Cleanse the lungs , liver ,lymph, skin.  This detox the entire body.

This detox is agressive!!  It forcefully pulls and excrete waste out the body through every hole ????️ on your body…. You will be pissing, shitting, vomiting, crying , coughing up mucus,  cold sweat, feeling fatigued , feverish etc…… it may last 8-12 hours. 

But after the storm comes the calm , peace, serenity, revitalized, energetic, healthy and vibrant.  You’re transformed and brand new. 

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Each capsule has over 500 mg of Duck Flower dust. That is 3.5  grams per dosage.

A large duck flower when dried and powdered  equals to  7   500mg capsule , which is 3.5 grams.
Capsules dosage of  7  capsules (You can take 7 capsules at a time for the full aggressive detox.  or take 3 for a more gentle detox.

the Duck is very quick and violent detox.

Dr. Sebi describes this form of detox as the best way to detox. The Duck is famously used by Jamaican Herbalist ,Honduran herbalist and throughout indigenous cultures in the Caribbean.

This detox works fast and clean out all major organs , but while cleansing you may feel discomforts like vomiting , Bowel movement , fatigue , feverish feeling.   but when completed you feel brand new inside and out.

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  1. Bryan Hicks @innnit_bryan (ig) (verified owner)

    I’m finally done with the detox it took a little longer for it to kick in for me don’t know why but when it did it’s a 1 and a lifetime experience! I was throwing up and shooting mucus and stuff out my nose, crying and major headaches and fever but I didn’t shit not one time ????????. I mostly threw up everything I feel way better now I think I had a better experience because I drunk 2 gallons of spring water but I highly recommend this and you will be seeing all kinds of colors when you throw up

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