Fasting  is the body ‘s regenerating ability to factory resets like a computer. By not ingesting anything, you suspend your digestive system and your body switch to cleansing mode.  within three days the immune system completely regenerated the cells.    with long enough fasting your body can reverse from any disease.    while fasting the body cleanse itself and remove obstruction which results in vitality and healing.   fasting with herbs is key, as it speeds up the process and deliver minerals to your body.

DR sebi fasted for 90 days and  within 27 days his diabetes, arthritis,high blood pressure, and schizophrenia was cured.  pithing 50 days he was no longer impotent, and by 90 days he was diseased free.  


alkaline milk substitute

Brazil nut milk

Brazil nut make amazing milk and even cheese.  it rains supreme among the great hemp, coconut,and walnut milk.

it makes a great cereal with gamut puffs in the mornings.

hemp seed/milk

Hemp still the greatest plant emerged out of the earth today, being able to feed and cloth us at the same time. hemp can also makes clothes, bags, and bio degradable material.   hemp is packed with minerals and is the greatest milk in the world delivering a powerful volume of nutrition that vitalizes the body to optimal heath,   

hemp milk is great for babies and toddlers.

Secret Season

eat to live, not to die

Eat according to dr Sebi nutritional guide, eating only live electric food that has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. disease cannot live in an alkaline body

avoid food additives you cant pronounce

DR SEBI "do not eat list"

Activated Charcoal


Alcohol/Malt Liquor

Alkalized Bottled Water/Alkaline Water Machines  - Bottled alkaline water is usually made alkaline with added minerals or chemicals. 


Aloe Vera

Almonds - It has cyanide.

Apple Cider Vinegar




Baking Powder

Baking Soda

Banana {regular/red bananas} 


Beets - Beets are a hybrid plant. Made in Holland Oxford; it’s a         laboratory product. It has inorganic lead.

Bentonite Clay

Black Pepper

Black Rice

Black Seed Oil

Broccoli - Being that broccoli is hybrid, unnatural, incomplete molecular structure, it should not be consumed by humans. It’s an acid based vegetable. It has no nutritional value and is worse than spinach.

Brown Rice


Cabbage (green, bok choy, Chinese)


Canned Foods

Canola Oil

Carrots - The carrot should not be eaten. It is man-made from combining the “Yarrow” which is the Queen Anne’s Lace and wild yam. It is starch.

Cashew Nuts

Cassava - {yucca} the popular african dish. Not natural and has cyanide.

Cauliflower - It is worse than broccoli. It will rob you of your minerals. It has no carbon.

Celery - Celery has the highest concentration of inorganic salt. 

Dr. Sebi recommends not using it under any circumstances.

Chia Seeds

Chicory Root

Chili Powder

Chlorella - Not natural. It is a hybrid.

Cinnamon(Ceylon only)


Coconut Sugar

Coconut Flour


Collard Greens

Colloidal Silver


Corn - A type of crop that have undergone genetic engineering.

Cumin - {Not to be confused with Black cumin} Made in a laboratory; it’s an artificial chromosome. It’s extremely bad for 
the liver.



Its advised to not consume anything listed here due to the finding that these foods are harmful and do not compliments the human body.

DR SEBI "do not eat list"


Dijon Mustard

Distilled Water



Foxgloves - Acid/hybrid herb

Garlic - is an oxide of allyl. It’s dangerous and doesn’t allow wounds to heal. It is 3.3 on the ph level chart. It burns cells and destroys cells and weakens the membrane. While garlic does lower blood pressure, it has a tendency to destroy the membrane.


GMO fruits & vegetables - Genetically Modified foods are never recommended.


Green Tea

Golden Seal

Hazel Nuts


Iceberg Lettuce - Has no nutritional value. 



Kombucha - Fermented foods are not recommended.

Lemongrass - It will raise your blood pressure high very quickly. 
It’s a hybrid. 



Maca - It’s a hybrid plant.

Meat - animal flesh

Milk Thistle

Milk - It is 6.0 on the ph level chart. Acidic!

Mint - No peppermint or spearmint. Mint seizes the brain. 



Nutmeg - Deadly!!! Boil two nutmegs and drink the water; you’ll be dead in two minutes. Nutmeg has arsenic and was made by man.

Mustard Greens


Oranges - {except Seville, which are hard to find}


Parsley - Not recommended



Peppermint - Very acid. Seizes the brain. 


Pine Nuts


Poke Salad


Processed Foods

Pumpkin - {Pumpkin Squash}

Purified Water

Rambutan - A grape like sweet/sour fruit.

Rice - Contains cyanide and high levels of starch. Rice will compromise the mucous membrane. It is also high on the Glycemic index {Only wild rice is approved}.

Rose Hips

Salt - Will harden your arteries and eventually kill you. Dr. Sebi recommends sea salt. 

Seedless Fruits

Shiitake Mushrooms – Dr. Sebi does not recommend the consumption of shiitake mushrooms. It is a hybrid mushroom. All other mushrooms are approved. 


Soy - is a complex starch that creates sulfide in the body, it in turn eats up the iron and oxygen. It’s inorganic silica. 

Soybeans - a type of crop that have undergone genetic engineering.

Spinach - Acid, has a Ph level below 7.0, it is not alkaline although it may have beneficial substances just like the carrot and milk has beneficial substances. Spinach has a starch base and has no iron.


Starch - Spaghetti, Rice, Bean, Potatoes, Cane juice (highest concentration of starch) Starch is a binder. It is a chemical. To tie two unequal chemicals you have to use a starch. Starch will have you thinking logically, why you should kill yourself.

St. John's Wart

String Beans - Avoid it. It acid enough to be considered detrimental.

Sugar/Sugar Cane


Tomatoes {exept plum, roma & cherry tomatoes}





Yeast - Yeast destroys the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system.
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